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Heavy-Duty Bumper Design & Function

The Dodge 2500/3500/4500/5500 bumpers from 2010-2018 epitomize strength and reliability in the world of heavy-duty trucks. What sets these bumpers apart is their unwavering durability and rugged design, making them well-suited for handling the most demanding tasks. These bumpers provide exceptional protection to the vehicle while also offering practical features such as advanced safety enhancements and integrated tow hooks for added functionality. With their robust construction and utilitarian design, these bumpers cater to the needs of those who depend on their heavy-duty Dodge trucks for the toughest jobs, making them a standout choice in this category.

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All kinds of truck accessories. They do great work. Love my new custom winch bumper on my truck.

Robert P.

I decided to buy a bumper for my dodge and my dealership has these ultimate bumpers on display. I’m very happy with my purchase and will be doing business with them again.

Odin W.

They went above and beyond to build me custom bumpers for my truck. Excellent work and excellent service.

Pat S.


Our Ultimate Bumper shells are crafted from robust, pickled, and oiled steel. Specifically, they use 3/16-inch material, while the mounting plates and brackets are made from ⅜-inch steel for our ¾-ton, 1-ton, and medium-duty bumpers, except for the 20-23 Chevrolet, and most ½ tons utilize ¼-inch brackets due to its unique frame assembly. The material we use ensures durability and provides excellent protection for your vehicle.

Yes, the Ultimate Bumper is designed with ease of installation in mind. It is engineered for a straightforward winch installation process, allowing you to set up your bumper without needing specialized tools. Our bumpers mount winches to the center plate which is proper for large frame winch installations versus mounting to a horizontal lower plate except on our Jeep Wrangler bumpers.

Absolutely. Our Ultimate Bumper offers various lighting accommodations, including pre-cut holes and mounts for off-road lights, light bars, and other auxiliary lighting options. This allows you to customize your truck’s lighting setup according to your preferences.

Yes, our Ultimate Bumper is designed with factory fog light installation compatibility when possible, some factory fog light designs do not lend themselves to looking good or casting light where it should be. You can easily swap over your existing fog lights to the new bumper for a seamless transition on many of our applications.

Yes, our bumpers are equipped with sensor provisions, allowing you to retain the functionality of parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring systems, and other vehicle safety features.

Yes, our bumpers are available for 15+ F150 and 17+ F250-F550 Ford trucks equipped with active cruise and collision avoidance systems located in the bumper. Our design relocates the factory sensor to the same location as the factory bumper. Our bracket goes behind an ABS plastic plate that shields the sensor, much like the factory bumper assembly. 

Yes, our Ultimate Bumper is engineered to support the collision avoidance system. The bumper’s design ensures that sensors and cameras integral to the collision avoidance system remain unobstructed and fully functional.

We originally had our bumpers powder-coated like most aftermarket heavy-duty bumpers. We are located around 100 miles from Canada, next door to Idaho, and 70 miles from Montana. We have 5+ months of winter. Many of our bumpers are installed on new trucks at the time of sale. Gravel on the roads would chip the paint then deicing very corrosive compounds would then begin the rusting process that is common on bumpers, steps, and other painted steel truck accessories. We began coating our bumpers with a polyurea coating that has UV protection built into the material. Our high-pressure system is sprayed on our bumpers using a reduced-sized mixing chamber and a different tip so it appears to be a wrinkle-finish powder coating, not a bed liner sprayed on the bumper. This surface aids in easily cleaning bugs and debris from our bumpers.

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