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Why Buy Ultimate Bumpers?

Why invest in a front bumper? Well, the primary purpose of adding a front bumper is to safeguard your pickup truck from potential damage caused by collisions with other vehicles, wildlife such as deer, elk, bears, and moose, and any other obstacles that may unexpectedly cross its path. Among all the accessories available for pickups, a new bumper has the potential to transform the truck’s appearance more than any other addition. Another compelling reason to consider getting a bumper is if you’re looking to install a winch. While there are grill guard products that can accommodate winches and offer front-end protection, they may not possess the same robustness as a premium, well-constructed bumper like the Ultimate Bumper. The choice is yours.

Today’s trucks and SUVs are shaped like today’s cars — from a front view. The fenders and cab are contouring the wheels. The tires are getting larger and wider, but are still straight up and down, therefore throwing whatever is in its tread (water, rocks, mud) on your paint. Not to mention, it’s also throwing whatever is in its tread on your trailers, boat and drivers behind you. Most of Ultimate Bumpers’ rear bumpers are 14 inches wide, covering 12.5 inch tires perfectly. 

Modern pickup trucks come equipped with parking sensors and advanced systems like collision avoidance and active cruise control, and these systems often require sensors to be integrated into the bumper. Installing a grill guard can typically interfere with these sensors, necessitating repositioning and extending the wires onto brackets placed in front of the grill guard to avoid interfering with or triggering the sensors, which are mounted in the factory location in the bumper. This kind of setup can leave exposed wires and brackets that appear as though they were added as an afterthought, detracting from the clean and cohesive look of the truck. Ultimate bumpers, on the other hand, are thoughtfully designed to accommodate factory sensors within the bumper while keeping your sensors fully functional.

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Ultimate Bumpers are manufactured in the USA.

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We manufacture warranted bumpers. One Year warranty on coating.


All kinds of truck accessories. They do great work. Love my new custom winch bumper on my truck.

Robert P.

I decided to buy a bumper for my dodge and my dealership has these ultimate bumpers on display. I’m very happy with my purchase and will be doing business with them again.

Odin W.

They went above and beyond to build me custom bumpers for my F-150. Excellent work and excellent service.

Pat S.

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