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In 2007, we embarked on a journey to design and manufacture bumpers that were not only robust and winch-ready but also visually appealing, all while avoiding the use of diamond plate material.

Amidst the myriad of bumper options on the market, we aimed for a timeless, clean design that could even serve as a step on the top surface. Our grill guard design is a throwback to the classics, crafted from 3/8” steel plate, 3” tube, and 1 3/4“ tube with a wall thickness of .095 for the headlight bars. All our bumpers are winch-compatible and are installed in a front-facing manner, suitable for large frame winches. Our bumper frame plates and mounting brackets are specifically designed for ¾ ton and heavier trucks. We’ve rigorously tested our bumper shells, ensuring they can withstand weights of around 30,000 lbs without any material deformation.

To ensure top-quality materials, we exclusively use pickled and oiled steel for our bumper components, free of mill scale. These components, including shells, frame plates, and brackets, are laser-cut in Spokane and then CNC bent to precise tolerances. Each bumper is meticulously welded and ground in our facility, with surface preparation for coating taking place during the construction process.

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The Problem With Powder Coating

Originally, we adopted the industry norm of powder coating for our bumpers. However, being located close to the Canadian border, where winter weather persists for approximately five months, presented challenges. The corrosive nature of calcium and magnesium chloride deicers, along with road salt, led to issues. Gravel thrown onto the roads would impact the bumper surface, chipping the paint and exposing the metal to rust. Powder coat, despite being cost-efficient, seldom endured a second winter without finish problems.

Due to an unacceptable number of warranties and bumpers rusting within a year, we made a pivotal decision in 2014. We invested in a polyurea coating machine, typically used for bedliners, to coat our bumpers. Our approach differs from regular bedliner applications, aiming to achieve a wrinkle finish similar to powder coat, rather than a rough bed liner texture. After extensive testing, we now apply the coating with a minimum thickness of 20 mils, completely encapsulating the bumper. While our process is costlier and less efficient (a significant amount of the spray doesn’t reach the bumper), it’s a manual process performed one bumper at a time. It’s not without imperfections; thickness may vary, but we usually apply an additional 10+ mils on the leading edge of the bumper.

A Superior Coating Solution

This coating can occasionally sustain damage upon impact, but we’ve developed solutions for repairing tears and damaged areas using 3M windshield primer and Dupli Color bedliner in a can, chemically compatible materials that bond and crosslink with our coating.

Whenever possible, we strive to integrate factory fog lights into our bumpers by adapting them for relocation. When a factory fog light conversion is not feasible, we create round and square holes with welded tabs to accommodate a variety of lights. We prefer and provide Vision X lights, backed by a lifetime warranty, known to suit the necessary applications, available in SAE fog and driving lights, as well as brighter non-SAE lights.

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